Associated European Capital LLC


Associated European Capital, (“AE Capital”) is a New York based investment banking advisory firm specializing in middle market acquisitions and divestitures.


Founded by former Hypovereinsbank investment banking group executives in 2003, AE Capital focuses on addressing the unique needs of European companies operating or expanding in the United States. These needs extend beyond requiring assistance in identifying the right investment or target and negotiating an attractive price; they involve understanding the key differences in business cultures and M&A conventions and getting the right deal done.

Our 10 year track record, experience and sensitivity to both the perspectives of our international clients and their North American counterparts allow us to anticipate costly roadblocks and structure solutions before they become insurmountable hurdles. Our team has decades of deal-making experience but, more importantly, we are problem solvers who are completely committed to maximizing return and minimizing risk for each and every client.

AE Capital’s team works closely with a broad array of international banks, law firms and Private Equity firms drawing on resources, expertise and contacts that enable us to offer both the benefits of a small specialized M&A firm and a global financial institution.