The Client was a European paper manufacturing and converting company seeking to obtain a foothold in the United States. AE Capital was engaged to conduct a comprehensive search for a converting operation that could prove complementary to the Client’s existing businesses.


AE Capital Value Added

AE Capital initially conducted a study of converting sectors in order to determine which segment was likely to offer the best strategic fit and return. Based on report, the Client decide to pursue companies producing coated paper products for industrial uses.

AE Capital conducted a nationwide search for companies fitting the Client’s acquisition criteria and entered into early stage discussions with eight companies.
Based on individual company reports, Client was able to compare relative performance of targets and confidently prioritize candidates.Broad-based information on companies and industry insight provided support in decision making process at parent company level.
Ultimate target was sold in auction format. AE Capital obtained approval to offer management phantom shares, which was instrumental in obtaining their support. Relationship with seller and bid structure ensured that Client was favored, paying only $500,000 more than second highest bidder.